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Madeleine Verwilt Vergauwen

About 30 years when I saw Ironman Hawaii for the first time on TV I thought to myself “I wanna do that one day”. But to be honest I never thought I was capable of doing this. Well after so many years my dream came through and I qualified for World Championship Ironman in Kona! Yes I am going to race on the big island October 12, 2019!!  I could not have done this without my coach Doug Guthrie, his passion, drive, and love for the sport is beyond, Thank you Doug!

Summer Baskin

Doug has coached me for one year now and I can't say enough great things! I began working with him after taking years off and having a baby at 40, barely being able to run more than a couple miles. About 6 months in to working with Doug, I earned a spot on Team USA for the 2018 ITU Long-Distance Triathlon World Championship. Doug is an excellent coach, an elite athlete with relevant experience, and takes great care in communicating, encouraging, and filling in all of the empty spaces outside of a training plan. As I was getting out of my PPD, I was so embarrassed to call and ask for coaching (30 pounds heavier, couldn't swim to the other wall without dying for air, and walked more than I jogged). And it was the best thing I did for myself, I'm so glad I picked up the phone that day. Just call Doug :)

Despite everything, it was a great race and an amazing experience to represent USA in such a beautiful country with my teammates! I had the absolute best coach to get me there, Doug Guthrie, an amazing man, athlete, and friend! I'm very proud, very thankful, and very happy to have made new friends and to have seen more of this beautiful world :)

I made it!!! 2017 Miami Man Half Iron Triathlon USAT Natl. Championship. Despite not being able to train consistently, I still finished in the top half of 183 women and almost mid pack for my age group ;) - for my first 70.3 distance ever!!! So much fun! So I'm happy :) And thankful for such great people in my life. Could not have made it through the hiccups this year without the excellent coaching of Doug Guthrie - BEST COACH EVER!!!


Karen Veit

I wanted to say thank you for such an awesome training season and helping me get prepared, physically and mentally, for that race. I had a great day all around. I cannot even tell you how good and how prepared I felt during that run. I crossed the finish line feeling like I could keep on running, while the heat was bringing so many others to their knees. 
You are a fantastic coach and an inspiration! I'm going to spend the next few months getting myself back in marathon shape. I have a BQ to run in December to try to get my ticket into the 2020 race, as I have some friends that didn't make it into 2019. 
I'm looking for my next 70.3 (still not considering a full). I'm open for suggestions if you have races you strongly recommend. I'll be reaching out to you to help me prepare again for sure!

Faye Walshaw

What can I say...The Ironman Lake Placid 140.6 did not disappoint. Before I go into any details I have to thank the key people who were instrumental in getting me to, and through race day. It goes without saying without my partner RandallI’d never have signed up for this event. You inspire me, organize me, push me, and love me even when you have exhausted yourself. Thank you for all you do for me and congratulations on your own journey to the finish line. You’re truly amazing! 
Thank you to my coach, Dough. I started working with Doug in January this year. He has been so much more than a coach that delivers a plan. He’s been there on long training days. He problem solved on days that didn’t go so well, absorbing all my negative feeling about myself and my abilities. His support, knowledge, experience, plan and his words got me to the finish line. My sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks go to you Doug.

Faye & Randy

Faye & Randy

Randy Hitchcock

I want to thank a few people here who were a huge part of my success at finishing. First my boss Philip Lintereur who’s the best boss anyone could have and allowed me the time to train in spite of our work demands right now. Without his flexibility I would have never been able to prepare properly for this event and my race may have ended at mile 24 without it. So thank you Phil.  Second, my coach Doug Guthrie who’s a well seasoned Ironman and a two time Kona finisher, both incredible times of finish. Without his guidance and training I’m certain I would have not made it through this event. So thank you Doug for your wealth of knowledge and training plan.

mad mR.jpg

Michelle Reynolds

20 minute PR from last year. Here is another comparison of last year’s race (on the left) to this year’s race at Heartland (on right). It’s been one hell of a tough year and it can only gradually get better. I am going to continually strive for my goals that I wrote down per my coach Doug Guthrie’s instructions. I still have lots of work to do. Thank you for pushing me today on today’s workout that I never thought I had in me. You have more confidence in me than I do myself. I have learned so much from you and plan to keep learning from you. You are a great coach! Looking forward to IMTX training #GU3training

Wendy Diaz

Yayyyyy.... I did it!! Thank you to my husband for supporting me through my 26.2 journey. Seeing you, our kids, Alexandra Pimentel, her kids and Rishi out there today meant the world to me.. thank you, thank you, thank you.... It feels great to be loved.. 
Special thanks to my awesome coach Doug Guthrie... I couldn't have done it without your training. Congrats! You killed it today too.

Doug Unger

So, you want to be an Ironman, tri-athlete or just run a 5K. You invest in equipment, nutrition, travel, and hotels. Well, I want to say the best investment for any race or event is a qualified coach. The cost and direction of an experienced coach pays for itself in so many ways.

In my case Doug Guthrie, a 2 time Kona qualifier, and has done many races from 5K – to 9 ironman events. Doug was instrumental in coaching me through the completion of my 1st ironman in Chattanooga in September. From laying a training plan that was customized for a traveling salesman to talking me through the aftermath of a terrible training session. We all question our workout plan from time to time, are we doing enough? Do I do more? Doug kept me on track with building a great base and then pushing through the tough months. Phone calls and notes kept me focused through the process. Doug coach’s 1st timers and elite athlete trying to qualify for Kona with plans that fit your goals. You want to get started or get to the next level? check out Doug Guthrie

Judi Robison

Second IM in the books. IMCHOO was a great venue. Swim was beautiful wetsuit optional, bike was rollers and fun, run OMG hills hills hills. Had a great race thanks to my coach Doug Guthrie my training partners Doug Unger and Ivy Knight. My fellow athletes Rebecca Braman Quinn Debra Cole and Keith Escue it was great racing with you all.

 Rebecca Bowman

I have trained for many events, at this point, sometimes with my own made up training plans from my vast knowledge of endurance sports that I have obtained from Google University. But as the events get more crazy, seeking out more professional advice is advisable. I have been so lucky this year to have been able to train under a true inspiration himself. My Coach, 2X IRONMAN World Championship Kona Finisher, Doug Guthrie (of GU3 training) has pushed me farther beyond my limits than I would have believed possible. I have cursed his name more times than I can count but am truly thankful for his support and belief in me. I can be a super crazy obsessive personality sometimes and he has practiced patience with me trying to teach me to trust in the process and believe in my training. If you want to hear an inspiring story, Google his name and listen to the few podcasts out there about him. Thank You Doug!

Karla Martinez

My Journey with Coach Doug started almost 3 years ago. He showed me that anything is possible if I worked hard and stay focused o don my goals . I have lost almost 70 pounds and have completed several half marathons and half ironman. I have set bigger goals for me like doing a marathon next year and a doing a full ironman. I have learned that anything is possible and that this is a lifestyle that I want to keep for the rest of my life. My journey is just beginning and with the support of my Coach I know that I can accomplish it!

Jennifer Allen

Thank you everyone who thought of me, cheered for me, wished me well or tracked my progress on your phone today! I truly do appreciate the support. This accomplishment is only partly mine. Some of this goes to my hubby for financially and emotionally and physically supporting my Triathlon habit. I know "single dad saturdays" are not always easy Blake Allen but you have gotten so good at them. I also would not of taken this leap if it was not for my wonderful friend Rebecca Bowman. Thank you for always looking out for me. Thank you for pushing me. Also thank you to my coach Doug Guthrie for not loosing faith when I got dropped going 10mph on one of our first bike rides. I did it y'all!! 70.3 !


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