This Morning's Chat...

I had a conversation with one of our athletes this morning about adding a workout to their weekly schedule. They are racing this weekend - doing a marathon. This person has worked especially hard over the past several years and is ready to destroy a PR.

Every day we find different training sessions in our inbox to complete for the day. Every session has a specific outcome in mind as it relates to our overall fitness and readiness to be at our best on race day. The majority of sessions are either to build strength, speed, endurance, skill or recovery.

Creating an annual training plan to set us up for optimal racing performance is a lot like baking a cake. Every ingredient has a specific measure and a purpose. Each ingredient has to be mixed into the batch at just the right time or the cake will not turn out as we hope or expect.

The workout, though it may have been a lot of fun, did not fit into the parameters as outlined above. I said no way. Always stay focused on what you are expecting to accomplish with each session.

If you have any questions reach out to be clear on what you are to do. This will insure a positive session and a good result on race day.

Ashley Zona